Start or boost your taxi transportation business

The platform TaxiSat is the ideal option to start a new taxi transportation business, or grow your current taxi company.

What is the TaxiSat platform?

TaxiSat is the simplest and most effective solution for your taxi company


Several channels for your clients to make reservations.


Management and control of requests.

Automatic dispatch

Automatic assignment of services according to sophisticated rules.

Mobility as a service

Collaborative operation between taxi organizations.


Current and historical location of vehicles.


Fleet management. Vehicles, drivers.

What are the components?

TaxiSat integrates all the tools your taxi company needs to prosper

They are safe, simple and easy to use.

Client app

Secure, fast and easy-to-use application, so that the client can request a taxi in just a few touches. Modern and simple design. Available for Android and iOS phones. Use your own brand. It will be your competitive advantage and you will attract new clients.

Driver app

The tool that your drivers will prefer to obtain more clients and increase their income, working safely with registered clients.

Operator app

For your clients who prefer to request a taxi by phone, the operator has an intuitive panel to enter manual reservations, and obtain the data of the assigned vehicle (through automatic dispatch) and estimated arrival time. Control each service with real-time vehicle tracking.

Administrator app

Effectively manage your business. Management of drivers and operators, services and compliance, current and historical location of vehicles, and vehicle routes. Control processes and make decisions based on data obtained from reports and analysis tools.

Automatic dispatch system

Obtain a fair distribution of services with the automatic dispatch of online reservations, sent directly to drivers. Configure your automatic dispatch operation according to your needs and preferences. Get more bookings, and increase compliance with your clients, through automatic collaboration rules.

Clear and convenient rate plan


USD 20
per vehicle and month
  • Cloud installation
  • Settings
  • Passenger application (with its own brand *)
  • Driver application
  • Operator console
  • Unlimited requests
  • Volume discounts
About us?

The easiest, fastest and safest way to request your taxi

TAXISAT was founded in 2008 with the aim of being a truly useful tool for the world of taxis, becoming a pioneer in the use of multifunction mobile phones with GPS for automatic taxi dispatch.

It is made up of a human team whose experience in the world of taxis and attitude put it at the first level, and it also has pioneering technological infrastructure.

Why choose us?

TaxiSat allows you to align yourself with the perspective of mobility as a service, and for your company to be strengthened

Our team will implement the solution, taking into account your preferences and your operations.

Reservations from various channels

Let your customers make their reservations through your app, website or corporate reception tool.

More channels mean more bookings!

Complete solution

All the tools you need. They are safe, simple and easy to use. Modern technology.

boost your company!

Clear and convenient rate plan

No commitments.

start calmly!


Have everything at your fingertips and anywhere, avoiding expensive licenses or hardware. Safe and reliable.

enjoy the security!

White label

promote your own brand!


start immediately!

We are experts in the taxi business.

We will ensure that the system configuration is optimized for operating needs.